Smart Cubs, incubated on the principles of the Chinese Philosopher Confucius, is an online Toys and Books Rental Library for children in the age group of 0+ months to 12 years.

Wise words of Confucius – Chinese Philosopher & reformer (551 BC - 479 BC)
I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.
As we all know, Doing is everything. And that's how kids learn concepts for a life time

This is where Smart Cubs steps in.

About Mrs. Nidhi Musaddi
Nidhi Musaddi, M.A. Finance and Investments from University of Nottingham, is an ex banker, having done stints with Citigroup and Yes Bank, before she took the plunge in the world of entrepreneurship. She is also a doting mother of her 2 year old son, Vivaan. Her passion for creativity, event management, art and most of all- kids, makes building Smart Cubs, her second nature.
She believes that the right selection of toys and books can help you strike a balance between education and entertainment. As a founder partner, her goal is to successfully guide every parent in knowing what's best for their Smart Cub.
About Mrs. Sheetal Bhambwani
Sheetal Bhambwani's inspiration to start Smart Cubs comes from her 1 1/2 year old daughter Aksha. Sheetal, also an Architect and Interior Designer, brings with her years of experience from the creative and artistic world into Smart Cubs. Sheetal's eye for perfection and detail reflects in the collection of Toys/Books that are part of the Library. Her mandate is to keep track of the latest trends in the kids world, which drives Smart Cubs to partner with only the best brands in the industry.
Her expertise in the area of Innovation and thinking out of the box, makes sure that Smart Cubs is always a step ahead in delighting children. 

Smart Cubs, founded by Mrs. Sheetal Bhambwani & Mrs. Nidhi Musaddi, has taken the learning's of Confucius and incorporated the same in its inventory of Toys & Books, which are provided on rent to children.

The rental concept ensures that the best is available in the most economical manner for your children. By taking toys and books on rent, you can NOW be sure that your kids get the Best in class and a Wide range of Toys/Books, that are so important in their early development stages.

With Smart Cubs, you have access to a collection of more than 3000 Toys and Books for your children.
The collection includes: 
Educational Wooden Toys Puzzles and Creative Thinking,
Quiz, Riddles and Math Games Language Development Toys
Pre-School Aids Toys for Fine Motor Skills Development
Rider, Walkers, Strollers for infants Play and Musical Toys
Picture Books, Story and Reading Books Outdoor Play equipment (Slides, Swings, Tents, etc)
Choose from a wide range of 3000 Toys and Books
24 x 7 access to a huge collection of Toys/Books from our easy to use website
Free Home/Office Delivery
High Hygiene Standards - Shrink and Plastic Wrap of Toys and Books
Access to big International Brands
Smart Cubs, is all about Toys, Books and Fun. Yes, Fun is an important ingredient of the overall process of learning. When your children have fun doing something – they will learn and remember better.
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