Early Birds Play School
Early Birds (Colaba) is our Play School Partner

"Early Birds", the play school, pre-school and activity center run by Mrs. Genevieve Advani, BA Hons. in Sociology and Psychology believes in personalized education where learning is fun through the Montessori and Play-way method.

It is one of the most renowned schools in South Mumbai (Cuffe Parade, Colaba) and a pioneer in education methodologies that is unparalleled. 

A school that every parent must definitely visit before seeking admission for their kid, as it offers a unique blend of Personal and Professional values. 

Parents of Early Birds Play School (Colaba), get special discounts on Rental Toys for Play Dates, Birthday Parties and Kiddie Parties. 

Parents can get in touch with Nidhi on 916 777 1667 to avail of the Smart Cubs Membership