Goofy Grins

Category: Specialized Kids Photography
Discount Offered to Smart Cubs Members: 15%

Goofy Grins is our "Specialized Kids Photography" partner for Play Dates, Birthday Parties, Kids Events, etc. The services are offered  by photographer Mili Khakharia.

Goofy Grins caters to all those parents who wish to capture special splendid moments of their children that they would want to cherish for years to come.

Be it a toddler or a teenager, they know exactly how to get the best out of your child. With various packages available, they offer you the flexibility of opting for shoots that fit your requirements. So if your child wants to be the next television star, they can get him a complete professional portfolio or if you just need some candid portraits to adorn your walls, they can give you some casual fun pictures too!

The whole experience of shooting with Goofy Grins is a truly rewarding one. Your child gets to be himself in front of the camera. She/He can smile and giggle, wink and wiggle, can roll all around  and act crazy with no bounds

Contact Person: Mili Khakharia
Mobile # 98206 74330