Why Buy, when you can Rent is the new mantra for the 21st Century Parents. And especially when the rental concept not only saves a buck in your pocket but also reduces the clutter in your home. 

Wouldn't you want to make more space in your home for your kid to play, rather than fill it up with toys that never get used beyond a few weeks?

Most importantly, the rental concept allows you to expose your child to the Best of the brands & Huge variety of Toys/Books at a fraction of the cost. And surely, no wasting of time traveling up and down the city roads - since we deliver for free at your doorstep.

And a very small but important aspect that needs a mention here - All the Musical and Electronic Toys that you receive come with pre-loaded batteries. We take utmost attention to these small details, so that your kid does not get disappointed when he opens the Toy wrapping. And you don't have to struggle to look for batteries around your house. Now, isn't that wonderful? 
Actual cost incurred if you purchase the below branded Toys V/s Savings with Smart Cubs if you take it on rent from us
Toy Description Brand Actual Toy Image MRP (Rs.) Rental Point of each Toy Rental amount per month for the Toy (Rs.) Savings (Rs.)
Learning Toolbench Fisher Price  1799  10 160 1639
Spin and Learn Top Vtech  1899 17 272 1627
Rhyme N Sorter Car Beebop 999 6 96 903
Learn and Groove - Alphabet Drum Leap Frog 1799 7 112 1687
Pop Tunes Music Mixer Little Tikes 959 10 160 799
Total : 7455   800 6655
Savings of 89% 
Savings Summary
As a Smart Cubs Member, you get to take all the above 5 Toys for Rs. 900/- per month. (This is the monthly charge of a "Cubs Diamond" Member plan in which you get to use 50 points in a month)

So, if you rent the above toys for your child for a month - you would have only spent Rs. 900/ - instead of incurring a cost of Rs. 7455

That's a Net savings of Rs. 6555/- (89%) and most importantly, your child gets to play with the best brands and latest Toys, without you having to burn a hole in your pocket. And utilize all the saved up money to take your kid for a vacation to Disneyland someday . And surely buy him a toy from there :-)  
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